HR Consulting

Managing benefits is just one aspect of a Human Resources department’s overall responsibility to attract, retain and motivate an engaged and productive workforce. To help our clients face multiple and often competing demands, we offer consulting services designed to help you unlock your HR department’s full potential.

Our Approach

Our consultants key deliverable is the development and maintenance of tools and resources to:

  • Manage and reduce the cost of risk
  • Take work off our clients’ desks
  • Provide value beyond benefits
  • Keep clients aligned with HR best practices and trends

Establishing Objectives

Attracting and retaining top talent and creating top employee engagement are critical to an organization’s success. Our Gap Assessments work to establish strategies to balance both company and employee needs, and are extremely helpful in identifying opportunities for improvement in your programs and practices. The result is a roadmap with measurable priorities for change to guide your organization’s HR programs to meet future business goals and performance objectives.


Our Employer Resources and Tools address a wide scope of human resources challenges, providing best practices, recommendations, benchmarking, sample policies, checklists and tools.


Compensation is one of an organization’s greatest expenditures, so a well-designed plan is an important element of business success. Our consultants provide compensation support through the following tools and services:

  • Market-based Reports
  • Merit Pay Modeling
  • Pay Structure Design & Benchmarking
  • Compensation Administration Guidelines

In addition, we can provide affordable project-based work to provide clients:

  • Market Pricing
  • Competitive Market Analysis

Delivering Results

Our job is to facilitate your success with solutions that help you define and support your Human Resources strategy. The tools and resources we offer provide clients with clear and actionable direction to support key HR initiatives.